Fishing Reports

Tarpon are here and hungry!

The last two weeks of May through the end of July is known as tarpon season here in the Bradenton/Anna Maria Island area. The fish migrate in large schools along our beaches forarging on carbs and baitfish like threadfin herring in preparation for their long jouney offshore to spawn. The last 3 weeks we have seen and hooked quite a few tarpn on our fishing charters making for very happy clients. The average size of these fish has been about 60-80 lbs with some 100+ pound fish in the mix as well. If you have never hooked into a tarpon it is an experience you will never forget. They make long runs and leap completely out of the water several times once the fish is hooked. The fish fight very hard and a battle on hook and line can exceed an hour easily. We had one a coupkle weeks ago that drug us around Tampa Bay for over 3 hours before it finally broke the line about 10 feet from the boat.

As far as the inshore bite we have been seeing great action with snook on some of the flats in Terra Cia bay. They are great fun and will be a good option to fish for all summer long. We have also been catching mangrove snapper on some of the strucures in the bay which is great eating and one of the few species we can keep on our inshore fishing charters. Spanish mackeral are around some of the reefs in Tampa bay and around the big bait schools close to the skyway bridge making for fast fun action and also good table fare.

There is lots of good fishing going on right now so give me a call at 813-220-8725 and lets set a day up to get on the water and make some memories!